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another car question

23 January 2005
Colorado Springs CO
I know i have been asking about the 300zx and I was wanted to know somethign else about another car. What about a 3000GT VR-4? i I would like one with the all wheel steering, i think a 94 or 93 but if the later ones are better i would go for that. my wife doesnt like the 300zx and she thinks they are ugly but we have always liked the vr-4's. but what are your guy's experiance with them? i am just probing differnt cars as a backup to the nsx and i like to know as much information about a car as i can before i buy one, thats just how i am. Thanks again for all of your guy's help and sorry for all the questions about these cars.

VR4's handle like crap, mainly because they:
a. weigh 3800 lbs
b. have a pronounced forward weight bias
c. are based on a front drive platform
d. they weigh 3800 lbs!

Of the 4 Japanese twin turbo supercars (300ZX, RX7, Supra, 3000GT), the VR4 is the only one to avoid at all costs. Unless you're not interested in precise handling.