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Stock brake rotor replacement current choices?

7 May 2017
I'm replacing my stock rotors, and found the Stoptech slotted sport rotors for about the same cost as the factory rotors, and thought it would be a good upgrade. It was hard to find the fronts though. I ordered all 4 from Napa online, which showed them in stock. Once I recieved the rears, I got an email saying the fronts were backordered until late July. Tire Rack says they're discontinued, others just show backordered...

Does anyone know the current choices of our cars? I searched old threads, and some of the aftermarket ones have complaints of warping. The stock rotors have done OK, so I could go back to them. I haven't tried calling to see if they're actually available either..

I briefly considered doing a big brake upgrade, but I don't track the car so it's not worth the $10k cost to me. I noticed Science of Speed no longer carries the Stoptech kits, and only the Brembo kits...


Go to Rock Auto. I use the Centric basic rotors. I'd also buy the Bendix or Raybestos. They're about $40 each.
You didn't specify your model year which affects selection. However, Centric still lists the Stoptech slotted rotors as being available for the early cars. They are probably a low sales item so they probably end up doing small production batches. If you want to try and confirm if and when the rotors will be available try contacting Centric directly - they have a 'contact us' Email link on their web page. They may clarify the question of availability and may also be able to advise whether any of their vendors have existing stock.

I hate it when retailers list a product as available, bill you and then advise oops, out of stock / back ordered / NLA - or worse do a partial shipment.
I looked up Rock Auto; they only have the rear Centric rotors. They do carry Bendix front and rear..... I remember reading an old post here where someone had warping issues with their Bendix rotors. It's a well know brand. They also carry dynamic friction and R1 concepts, but I've not heard of them. Centric and Stoptech are owned by the same parent company, and Stop Tech is listed as their premium brand.

My car is a 1991. I did a supercharger and a lot of other R upgrades. I kept the brakes the same except for ss lines and better fluid. I ran Cobalt pads front and rear (5 and 3 compounds, respectively?) at John Vasos's recommendation, and that has been an amazing package for being stock sizes. However the front pads made so much tenacious dust, that it's eaten into the paint of my wheels, and worn down the rotors pretty quickly... This time around I'm going to try the Hawk HPS 5.0 pads I think....

I did contact Centric directly, yesterday, but haven't gotten an answer if they're still in production or not, yet. Most sellers list the fronts as backordered, but Tire Rack lists them as discontinued.... Some list ETA's of August, NAPA says July. I don't put a lot of faith in that since they listed them as in stock, but only changed to backordered after they were supposed to have been delivered, and after the rears were recieved.

Apparently, our rotor size is not shared with any other car according to NAPA.... So yes, as very small market to cater to!

I've not heard of dixel.... Are they an oem supplier?
I did call Centric, and they said that both are still in production, and that the front rotors are scheduled for a July production run.
Bendix and Raybestos are also OEM suppliers like Centric. I treat brake rotors like brake pads- disposable wear parts. I've never seen a reason to go with the super-duper tech rotors. I've tracked heavily on the Centric blanks (Carbotech XP8 pads) and there was no warping or cracks. FWIW I'm not a fan of the Hawk HPS- the initial bite is underwhelming and vague. Plus I cooked a set at HPR after 2 hot laps (street pads I know lol). They are low dust though. If you're after low dust, I'd recommend the Carbotech 1521 or my favorite street pad Project Mu NS. Both of those have much better initial bite and modulation than the Hawk.

Note - It's been a while since I bought Type NS (2009!!) LOL and apparently now Project Mu has the Type PS, which is their new Street+ pad. Same low dust and noise as the NS, but a little better heat tolerance and initial bite. I'd give it a try.
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I have a brand new StopTech front passenger rotor that you are looking for, if you are interested. Only front passenger.
Thanks for the offer on the front rotor.... I ended up going with the Bendix rotors. I gave up on waiting for the StopTech's, and just returned the rears and cancelled the fronts.

I got them on, bedded in the pads, and did a short test. So far, I'm happy with the combination of the Bendix and Hawk HPS 5.0. They're not as good as the Cobalt 3F/5R, but the 3F dust will cause me to have to refinish my front Advan's....

I've never done rotors on the NSX yet, so here is what I learned. I didn't know you have to "press" the rotor off using 2-8mm bolts; there are 2 threaded holes opposite the countersunk screws. A pad spreader was really helpful for the front calipers being 1 piston, and my homemade shock spring collar wrench was helpful to turn the piston of the rear caliper. The front rotors did not have the attachment screw holes countersunk, so I had to do that on my drill press. The Hawk front pads also had tabs attached that I had to drill out on the press.
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