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any advise on these wheels

I think 17X8 for the fronts is fine. You could go wider in the rears if you want. Rims choice is very subjective. The ones that you like look more like an SUV/passenger car style rim IMO. Plus it appears that rims are only available in chrome. I do not like chrome wheels on an NSX. Silver or polished has a nicer look to me. I have seen the Momo Racers on an NSX and I thought they looked very good. If memory serves me right, Momo's are heavy rims. Try and keep the weight down if you can. Consider HRE's, BBS, Techno's, Volks, Fikse, etc... You might pay a little more up front, but these are lighter and stronger wheels than the Momo's IMO. There are enough pictures of rims on this site to give you an idea of what looks good and what looks bad to help you make up your mind.

Good luck!