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Any experience with Eibach Pro-kit springs?

24 February 2000
Valhalla, New York
I'm thinking about installing the Eibach Pro-kit springs from Dali on my 98 coupe. The specs indicate a progressive spring rate starting at softer than stock and progressing to greater than stock. Will they improve the ride? Will handling suffer? Should I consider springs with a constant spring rate instead? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
progressive rate gives you a more comfortable ride for regular driving, but tightens up near the upper bounds of the compression range. i have the eibach's. they are good springs, and coupled with bilstein shocks, they are excellent. if you are doing it for looks, and won't be doing shocks as well, i'd get h&r's...cheaper, though they are a linear rate spring...the ride is a bit harsher, but doesn't kill you at all. so, for looks, go the cheaper route, for handling, do the shocks as well.

I second that. If you don't spend half your time on the track like Andie then another bargain is stock springs with Bilsteins. The Bilsteins allow 7/8" lowering and have better damping for aggressive driving. The stock springs (from coupe) are almost perfect for the NSX as is.

Originally posted by vicster:
The Bilsteins allow 7/8" lowering and have better damping for aggressive driving.

I could have sworn I'd read that the Bilsteins allowed 1/4" of lowering (though thinking about that now, I guess that does seem like too small an increment..) Are the Bilstein's 7/8"-drop-or-nothing?

I have Eibachs right now, and feel the car should sit a little lower.. But 7/8" is practically a full inch, and that's a whole lot of drop... (With Eibachs, wouldn't that be about 2.2" of drop vs. 1.5" for the H&R's). ?

To clarify a bit: The Bilsteins come with the OEM spring perch position, and also with a spring perch position that is 7/8" below OEM. So, if you use OEM springs, you can have it at OEM ride height OR at 7/8" below OEM. If you use aftermarket springs, you can still use the OEM spring perch position and just lower the car by the amount that the aftermarket spring lowers, or use the 7/8" lower spring perch position as well.
Anyone out there running their NSX with Eibach springs, and Bilsteins utilizing the 7/8" drop? How do you like it? Pictures?

Seems to me it would be too low & put the camber too far out of whack.. (I would rather be wrong though!)