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Any interest in a Gurney Flap / Lip Spoiler for the stock wing?

13 December 2011
SCW V1 Rear Wing Lip Spoiler / Gurney Flap

I've been working on getting a mold prepared to make a subtle lip spoiler / gurney flap for the stock NSX wing spoiler. I've seen others make additions to the NSX-R spoilers, but I prefer the stock wing in terms of looks and fitment so this lip spoiler is a clean and subtle enhancement. I'm sure there are a few NSX owners who appreciate the look and function of the stock spoiler but wouldn't mind a small upgrade w/o changing the entire wing out. Aside from the increased looks, these are functional in improving traction, turning speed & downforce.

As for as these lip spoilers are concerned, if there is interest, I can have these produced in both FRP & Carbon Fiber versions (both plain weave & 2x2 twill weave) for those who do/don't want to paint to match, though I rather like the look of carbon in small quantity. I am not sure of the pricing or anything, but while I was making one for myself I got some good feedback from other members.

I will be working on some upgraded side mirrors soon as well.

This is the only picture I have at the moment, still in black primer, however in either color-matched paint or carbon fiber you can imagine the finished product...:wink:

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Hi NSX1145, Have you done any research in regard any positive down force effect it may have? Depending on your answer, I could be interested in plain black -- made of the same flexible material as the front OEM chin spoiler if that was possible. Tysama.
the front chin lip is made of a polyurethane rubber material which would not be good for a rear spoiler as it flexes too much I would think under pressure. For a functional gurney flap, you want it to be as light & strong as possible. Additionally, for those who wish to paint this spoiler (and not leave it black), it would be ideal if the surface was a solid material such as FRP or Carbon Fiber.

A good read here for beginners: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gurney_flap

Also, a lengthy video describing what a Gurney flap is, where it comes from, how it works, and what its used for. Goes into specifics on the aerodynamics and flow structure as well as presents some qualitative data on the performance of these devices. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK8-VuwPqq4


increases downforce, turning speed, and traction by use of adding a gurney flap

My V1 spoiler is a straight edge back side, perpendicular to the top portion of the stock NSX spoiler, just as any functional gurney flap needs to be. My V1 spoiler is very similar to this one on the EVO, except shaped and fitted for the NSX stock wing. If I produced these in carbon fiber, here's an example of how it would look.
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In your first picture, you have the lip spoiler only attached to the trunk spoiler. In the second picture the spoiler covers the entire width of the spoiler. Would the one you produce be a three part spoiler also covering some portion of the rear fenders?

Also the material under the front spoiler does flex a little but for the small amount of height and wind resistance, I think the flexing would be negligible. JMOHO
I could produce these as a 3-piece (left, center, right) set, however, I do not know if there will be much of a difference in performance benefit by adding the left & right side pieces, as that area the quarter panel is maybe 1" in width at that joint. I do not plan on making my spoiler a 3-piece as it will not look as clean once it is painted and installed.
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I'm not sure of the look vs. the functionality of it. For what gains you will receive from a 1" lip on the spoiler to what the lip will look like is the real question for those of us considering this piece. I think the picture above of the Mustang tail looks complete and OEM. With this flap just on the trunk spoiler....I think it looks kit-like and incomplete. Just my thoughts.
As originally designed, it is an aesthetic upgrade in my application. I like the stock wing but it needs just a bit more to satisfy the look I am going for. I know lip spoilers are very popular with many other models of cars, so the NSX isn't any different. I don't see anything kit-like about adding a lip spoiler to the wing. There are plenty of Lotus, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Toyota and Honda owners with similar lip spoilers on their cars and the majority of them are clean and simple. If it has function as well as looks, the better.

I never claimed my lip spoiler was going to make you win races or your car would be significantly faster...And honestly the 3-piece wings look "kit-like" which is why I am not making mine a 3-piece, that was your suggestion. Your opinion has been noted. As stated before, mine in the photo is just primer-black because I am not finished with it yet and it still has to be painted. If these are color-matched to your cars color it should look as OEM as any other add on. I think it has more to do with high-quality fitment, and a factory color match for a OEM look.

Take the S2000 side strakes or front lip for example.


These parts are clearly Add-Ons, but they are subtle, not over done, and fit perfect.
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I'm glad you didn't take offense as none was meant. The S2k pieces you show are exactly what I don't care for. They look added on and scream ricer.

I'd like to see more pics of your piece, as is, with out the paint matching. I'd like to see the fitment from front and back and in primer black it should show a good detail. I am interested in your piece.
Hello again NSX1145, I am very interested in your product as I like the stock look of our cars and what you have done is only a subtle change. Look forward to seeing more photos. How were you thinking of fixing your flap? Cheers, Tysama.
The flap will secure with 3M Body Tape, same as the OEM's use to fix spoilers & trim from the factory, that way if you ever desire to go back to stock, you can remove the lip without damaging the original wing.

As for the e46 spoiler piece, what I have seen on those tends to be rubbery material which I am not satisfied with, it looks too cheap and flimsy to fix on an NSX in my opinion...Not to mention that the e46 wing actually has a different curvature than the stock NSX wing so it will not fit without modification first.
Any chance to have them made for the trunk? Yes I mean on the actual trunk in between the spoiler and actual lid... Mainly because ill be thinking of a type r spoiler soon and wanted to close the gap a bit..
the measurement on the space between the wing posts and the top of the wing are very close, if you opt for a FRP version it is easy to trim and sand it a bit to fit to the trunk lid. So, yes that is quite a viable option. If you get carbon fiber, then no.
I'm almost done with the first mold I'll have better pictures soon. In person this spoiler looks very good, everyone that has seen it comments about it.
Sorry guys, I never finished out this project since I decided to go with the NSX-R wing....However, I still have the mold in the shop...haha.
I saw the question asked about a mid-wing gurney flap that would go on the deck lid. Ive been looking for one for a while no one seems to make them anymore.
Any interest in making a cf version of the oem wing? Or a BYS style wing? As I haven't seen any produced. Or even incorporating the flap into a cf oem version? Just throwing ideas out there :)
Guys, I am still very interested if someone can figure out a simple way of doing this. I think the Gurney Flap, if it is small like originally suggested, would be fine in black. If required we could paint them prior to fitting. TYSAMA.