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Any Montgomery County PA people interested in giving me a tour of their NSX?

9 March 2005
Lansdale PA
I'm in Lansdale PA, but have no problem driving a little bit to meet up with someone. I'm looking into purchasing one but would like to get a little more experience with them first. They are tough to come by at the dealer so that's out of the question. I'm looking at a 91 model as well, so if anyone has someone close to that it would be even better. I'd just like to check them out closer in person and have a ride in one if it's not too much trouble, before I go any further.

Feel free to respond here or email me at [email protected] if you'd like to help out.

Thanks a lot,

you should stop by the bridgewater acura day april 17,2005
any of us would be glad to show our nsx off :rolleyes:

no too far from you, well worth the trip. it'll be a rippin' day!!

bests, & welcome to our obsession!!
I'm in Elizabethtown PA which is 20 minutes east of Harrisburg. I have a 91 that I don't mind letting an enthusiast test drive.