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Looking for advice on a slow motion garage sale

16 March 2001
East Bay, CA, USA
I will be selling some of my extensive collection of Gen1 NSX memorabilia and hardware starting this year. I'm using the car but not the collectibles. At this point it seems wasteful to keep them, although I bet they are a good inflation hedge.

I'm not in a rush to sell, but neither do I want to leave the task to someone else in a decade or two. I would prefer in-person transactions in northern or southern California so that I'm sure the buyers are happy with what they are getting. I have so much stuff that it would be worth the trip for a serious buyer.

This is a pretty quiet forum, so I wonder where the best place to post would be. eBay fees are pretty high, so maybe Facebook groups? If so which ones?

Also, what are the pros and cons of selling a big collection vs. individual items?

I have almost all of the hardest to get collectible items. I also need some help figuring out what the various items are worth these days.

I am currently ready to part with these items:

Many original (fat 5) wheels and caps, with some scratches.
1995 stock muffler with one slightly bent tip
two 1991 stock mufflers
many Yokohama A022 tires, mostly unused rear tires, always stored indoors in a mild climate. I still drive on these and they last me about 5000 miles the way I drive. I love the original roadholding of these tires, and I prefer the feel of the higher profile 15 and 16 tires to that of the lower profile 16 and 17s. I believe that if 16 and 17 were the correct sizes, Honda would have used those from the start. I like to blast up and down Highway 1 early in the morning, and the original tires and wheels are perfect for that. I have had fewer opportunities to drive the NSX in recent years, and Highway 1 has been closed more than it's been open, so I won't be able to use all the tires I have.

Red NSX goretex car cover with storage bag and instruction sheet, very clean, may have been used once, possibly by me to check the fit. This is what you need for parking outside. I use the soft cover in my garage.

NSX factory soft car cover, I use one but I have several extras. One has some tears. The OEM car cover cannot be beat for protecting your car in the garage.

Two Yokohama tire clocks

Many books, brochures, and magazines. I will eventually make a list and take photos. Is anyone here an expert on what literature is worth?

Many small toy NSXs, most kinds of NA1 that were sold in red

Rosso 1/12 scale model, still shrink wrapped.
Searching ebay completed sales is a good way to find current values.

For example, here are recent sales of NSX brochures.

But the bottom line is, it’s always easy and fun to buy things for your car, and always a pain to sell them.
@myf16, how are the sales/prepping coming? I have a good bit of NSX print memorabilia myself and am always game to look for more!

But the bottom line is, it’s always easy and fun to buy things for your car, and always a pain to sell them.

Just need to find the right buyer. :)