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Any recommendations on replacement Brake Pads (Iron Rotors)


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22 November 2019
Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Apparently my brake pads need replacing after only 5,000km. I live in rainy Vancouver, Canada so the pads have seized on my rotors a few times. Even dragged a wheel for about 10 feel before it unstuck itself. When I took it into Acura, they took pics and sent it to their technical warranty department. Tech said I had to replace all the pads and the rotors, it would cost about $13,000 CAD (about $9000 USD), and it wasn't covered under warranty because it was due to lack of driving. WTF?!? I have a case going on with Honda about this but the Covid Quarantine has delayed the process a lot. I'm the 2nd owner of this 2017 NSX, when I bought the car, it had only 1,500km on the odometer. I had the 3-hour inspection done at Acura, and they said it was a pretty much a brand new car, so I bought it. I daily drive this thing and have put 3,000km on it over the course of 3 months, driving to and from work everyday, except when it snowed for a week. So, No, it's not from a lack of driving it. You can't dry the brakes before parking, if it's raining outside and you have to park outside for work.... What's the point of an everyday super car if it's weakness is rain?!? Ok, Rant over.

Anyways, my brakes are not in the best shape a the moment and I want to do a couple track days in June. Does anyone have any recommendations for good set of pads pad for mostly street and the occasional track day?

I'm also looking into getting the Gyrodisks Rotors if I really have to replace the iron rotors, but I'm gonna try to get them machined first.