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Any suggestions on where to take my 91 for timing belt, water pump replacement in/around Buffalo, NY.

20 February 2024
Looking to have a timing belt done on my 91 and doubt I can commit the time to do it myself. I'm in Buffalo, NY. After searching Source1 comes up, but that's 6 hours away and that's a lot of coordinating. I'd be willing to drive an hour or so, though.

Would prefer someone who can tell me the right things to do versus me telling them. For example, should I replace my LMAs? Valve cover gaskets? Correct torqueing sequence for oil pan bolts, etc.

I did send a message to Rob Magro, but not sure how the Canadian exchange rate will work out.

Anyone else I should consider?
don't overlook local dealers, call around and see if they have a tech with nsx experience