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Anyone going to 24 Hours of Daytona?

11 March 2001
Raleigh, NC
I'll be there, but I probably won't be able to bring the X. Anyone else? No Hondas or Acuras entered this year, so I'll have to find some one else to root for
Bryan, I am definitely going! What color is your X? We need to get some owners in the area together one weekend. Talk to ya soon.

Hey I'm in Charleston SC. As of right now We're leaving here 4ish thursday evening to meet with another 7 in GA around 6. Then meet with my friend in Jacksonville with his NSX that night. THen friday heading down to Daytona. Can you work with that time line? The more the merrier.
i'll be over there on saturday when are you guys planning to get to daytona

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7 eleven,

We're coming down Thursday afternoon too, but we may be later than you. If you like, private me with a phone # and I'll call if it looks like we'll be there in time to caravan with you.

Where is everyone hanging out at the track? I'll be there all day Fri-Sun, but I work at the track and am pretty busy.

I also heard that Theetge is running his NSX at Daytona so we will have someone to cheer for. See http://www.nsxsc.com/nsexcitement/theetge.html and http://www.benoittheetge.com/index.html for details on the team.

Yeah, I'll be there.

Look for 2 NSX's together in the infield. One is a silver 91 and the other is a silver 98 with a Dali 2 scoop hood.

Stop by and say hi!

Cory Patterson
Guys, I'll look for you as well. The NSX finished 4th in class today in the grand am race, even having problems. See ya tomorrow!

You are showing your age... I had to dig out an old IMSA yearbook to see that they added the bus stop in July 75 (earlier for the bikes). I didn't think anyone else remembered the old Carreras or Corvettes hitting the east banking at full speed in the darkness. It's really getting wimpy now that the whole track is lit for the 24 hours.

On the other hand they had a great field this year. The Judd powered prototypes sounded great. The winning team said they backed off from the sprint race redline of 10,800 all the way down to 10,400 for the 24 hours
Hmmm... a compact 300lb, 10,000rpm 4liter V10 with a six speed sequential gearbox. Honda are you listening?
Originally posted by Bryan:
You are showing your age... I had to dig out an old IMSA yearbook to see that they added the bus stop in July 75 (earlier for the bikes).

I'm pretty sure it was a couple years later than that. That was they year Danny O. backed the 00 Interscope 935 into the wall coming onto the main straight. Of course, he did that sort of thing a lot. Hmmm, I think it was the first year for the jungle-screamer rotory powered Mazda prototypes.