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anyone have CAD drawing for 02 windshield?

19 September 2011
Northern New Jersey
My buddy has a flat bed programmable cutter. He does high end custom advertising jobs - displays - and car wraps.

I am thinking windshield tear-offs for track days. Or just an almost optically clear covering [ which he stocks in 48" rolls ].

With a CAD drawing, he can have the machine cut it clean.

I've looked around and don't see any tear-off's custom for nsx - plus
the windshield is 36 inches wide in the center [ most DIY kits are only
30" wide].

Cad drawing for windshield? Other external parts?
Are O2 windshield the same as other years?

My recommendation would be to lay down a thin sheet of plastic or paper on the entire windshield and carefully trim it to get the exact size. When you take it off and lay it flat, you'll have the true dimensions to duplicate.

That's probably the easiest and fastest way.
Some tinting shops use plotters to precut film, perhaps this drawing is already available in a tinting pack.

Do you have a lexan windscreen? Unless this is a dedicated track car, with a soft material windshield, I don't really see the advantage.

Thanks Scorp:
He is looking though his files but he is a exterior vinyl guy and not a tint guy, so he may not have it.

No, stock windshield, and all was well, but it really took a beating
on one or two track days in June maybe 100-200 small hits - I am looking for a solution to protect the windshield. I also understand there is a possible issue with legality on the street.