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Anyone in Dallas able to help?

19 January 2003
kauai, hawaii
I'm interested in a car in Dallas. Would anyone be willing to help by taking a look at the car? I'm located in Hawaii and need someone to be my eyes and photogrpher, if possible, as the owner is slow to provide pictures. If you can help, PM me... I'd appreciate it greatly.

Owner is very cooperative and more than willing to show the car.

Arrange with the owner to have the car inspected at Goodson Acura. They service more NSXs than anyone in the entire state of Texas, and they know their stuff.

As the prospective buyer, you should pay for the inspection, typically 1-2 hours of labor at their standard rate; the seller should drop off and pick up the car.
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Hi, I'm in the DFW area and probably know the person and car...

Email me their contact info and I'll see if I can connect with them and get you some pics and look over the car...

I have a couple of friends selling their NSX's currently in the area, I'm listing my older NSX on EBAY today myself...


Susan Tablemans been gone from Goodson Acura for Months....

Ask for Curtis to check out your car regardless of who's in the service bay...

Romeydidastinky you have a PM. :)

Ken, I'd like to have someone look at the car before even spending for a PPI, if possible. Thanks for the recommendation for a good place to take it for an inspection when I get to that point.

This board is great!! :cool:
j/c...Is it the red one from LA Moto? If so, I've seen it in person... :smile:
Per Carfax, this car has been in two accidents (one in '96, one in '03) - the second one may have caused frame damage. It's been through five owners.

No thanks.