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Anyone in the Minneapolis MN area?

3 April 2012
Saint Paul MN
I am going to be flying across the country next weekend to go check out my first nsx that I plan to purchase. However, due to the rarity of these cars, I have never even sat in, or rode in one. I am wondering if there is anyone in the metro area of MN that would let me sit in theirs, maybe get a short ride around the block :)? I just dont want to spend $1000 on airfare to get there and find out that there is something I strongly dislike about the look or feel of an nsx...
I may be able to help you with sitting in one, but not a ride.. currently under the knife. If you want a ride, I can call a friend, but not sure he is free this weekend.

Otherwise I can almost guaranty there will be NSX's at Cars and Coffee Saturday morning.


If interested, email me at g s x 9 1 at y a h o o ... (My Prime PM box is nearly full, please don't PM me)