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Anyone know of a Valencia Red for sale?


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6 June 2016
Hi, I am looking for a Valencia Red NSX to purchase, anyone know of a car at a dealer that will negotiate on it? Thanks in advance.
Try Ralph Kolius at Chevy Chase Acura in Chevy Chase, MD and Sebastian Wrobel in Muller's Woodfield Acura in Hoffman Estates, IL. Both of these dealers had Valencia Red cars when I was in the market about a month ago. Both cars are loaded. Both were good with which to deal but Sebastian went above and beyond the call providing information about financing, pricing, etc. Don't know if the cars are still available as that was a month ago and I bought mine from someone else.
Call Gray the GM at Ferman Acura in Tampa Fl. I believe he's got a Red one
on order for delivery soon. Cell# 904-505-1762.