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Anyone local have some oem side skirts? Need install help.

15 November 2007
Hey guys I just got my Vinnys side skirts in today.Whenever I went to the bodyshop to line them up well they were up in the air. :confused: It appears they need to be attached to oem sides or something like that.My car will be painted soon so if anyone has some sides they wanna sell or donate for a good cause let me know.Condition does not matter.The cheaper the better of course! Or if someone on here knows some mounting info I dont then please lend me your knowledge.

Got some info from this:

Yes I had the same fittment issues with a set of MH skirts I purchased. I ended up going in a different route. I too bought the SOS kit but i wasn't happy with how secure it was. I ended up buying a used set of OEM skirts & cut & shut them so the MH are mounted to whats left of the OEM shirt. they now clip in the same as OEM. It was a lot of work but there are no gaps inside the door where as before i could poke my fingers in the gaps.



hope this helps.

If anyone can help me please let me know.I rather do this route than for the shop to do some type of bracket.Just doesnt seem like its gonna be so stable.All help is appreciated,Thanks!