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Anyone run a non NA-1R 15/16 wheel combo?

+1 on this... I'm interested in finding near OEM offset TE-37 in 15/16 if possible.

Volk used to make 15" rims with 5-114.3 bolt patterns, but they are no longer listed in their catalog.

After going from the OEM 16/17 to the 15/16, the 15/16 is definitely the way to go.

Perhaps the TE-37 and the like have to be special ordered?
I would think that this would actualkly handle and feel excellent, maybe Enkei makes something?

I would maybe go for a little more aggressive offset, +35-40 all around?
One could do RPF1 in 16x7 and 17x9 or 16x8 and 17x10...

As for 15/16, I am still looking.
Didn't DAL Motorsports run a 15/16 combo? I think it was the SSR Type C wheel.
OEM NSX offsets from the wiki:

15x6.5" +55mm (205/50R15 @ 33psi)
16x8" +60mm (225/50R16 @ 40psi)

Going to 15/16 really does help the feel of the car: in a non power steering NSX, steering effort feels lighter and has a...nicer ride, suspension seems to "work" faster.

IMHO, there is no reason to run a larger wheel than what came OEM unless you are running bigger brakes, besides looks.

The SSR are available in 15x7 +42 and 16x7 +42.

FWIW, and at the risk of sounding like a shill, D-force can make custom wheels, but their MOQs means needing at least 50 people interested for a set. Custom means correct bore sizing so no need for rings, either. http://dforcewheels.com/pages/products.php

Sector 111 OEMs wheels from them for their offering for the Exige. http://sector111.com/products/performance/wheels/coming-soon-ethos-wheels.cfm

With the number of OEM 5 spoke wheels out there and their price, it's the way to go. The one thing I'd like to see would be a center cap that just covers a bore for the OEM 5 spoke.


(edit: not my car above)

It's a good look. But given how far the hub sticks into the bore, it will be practically impossible to do.
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I'm sure if you look hard enough you could find something that'll work.
OEM NSX offsets from the wiki:

The one thing I'd like to see would be a center cap that just covers a bore for the OEM 5 spoke.

That might be a job for my 3D printer. :) A shallow cap with a nice tight fit might work.
If you can find some old enkei rpo-1 they came in nsx friendly sizes.