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Anyone selling a 91 NSX?


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14 July 2000
Hey guys. I need help finding my first NSX. I've been looking for a while and missed one for $26,500 because I was given one day to get the money ready after checking out the car at night in the dark. Wasn't too sure. Anyhow, the guy ended up selling the car to someone else for $28,000. He was willing to sell it to me for $26,500 because a payment on the loan was due the next day. Since I missed the day, his ad caught the attention of others who were willing to pay more. My BIG loss. Don't want to wait any longer. If anyone knows of anyone selling a Blk 91 NSX for under $30,000, please email [email protected]. Thanks ahead.
Did you look in all the websites mentioned in the "Buy/Sell" section of the FAQ?

Also, post to the "big" e-mail list about what you're looking for.
Try this link:

<a href="http://classifieds.yahoo.com/display/automobiles?ct_hft=table&ct_p=n&cr=&gur=128&ct_l=lat*375337**long*-1222472**ct_c*Redwood+City**ct_s*CA**ct_r*San+Francisco+Bay+Area&fulln odeid=750000268&ck=nsx&za=and&cl_y=&ch_y=&cl_price=20000&ch_price=30000&cl_mi=&ch_mi=&ce_sl=&g=&cc=automobiles&cs=time+2&cf=1">Yahoo Classifieds</a>

-Bob ('94 #496)