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New parts cheap. rear control link, right side corner lense 91 NSX

13 March 2001
Houston, Tx.
Still new in bags. Never used before selling the car and dont need anymore. Selling cheaper than I paid. My loss your gain.
For 91-94 NSX. Maybe later years. Part numbers are clearly labeled in pics. Bought new at Acura SW Houston.
$160 shipped for rear control link.
$125 shipped for passenger corner lens

Grabbing pics now


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Please add a paper note with your prime name and the date next to the item in at least one of your pictures, or the ad will have to come down.

Also, I'd take the trouble to type out the part #'s so that buyers can find them with the search function.
Ah. the picture with the name and date. I see that's become a thing. I haven't been on Fourms in a while.

I will do that and the type out part numbers isn't a bad idea. Appreciate the input