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Apexi Super AFCII air/fuel for a >97'

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
After talking with John of Anytime and Jon from Acura in Torrence I am going to add the Apexi super afcII air fuel piggyback unit to my ecu. By adjusting the air/fuel to be ideal across the rpm range improves reliability as well as performance. Question Should I get a ecu harness adapter or is it pretty easy to splice into the ecu? My car is a 01. It has a comptech sc at 6lbs with headers. Also where should I take it in Orange County for the dyno turning portion?


drmanny3 said:
Also where should I take it in Orange County for the dyno turning portion?


Definitely Autowave, especially for comptech sc dyno tunning.
Let us know how it goes. Another Shop would be XS-Engineering in Huntington beach. They have 2 in house dyno. one of them is a AWD dyno. They are also a Apexi USA WD. However I think they are usually booked for a couple weeks in advance.

Go to Autowave for your CTSC add ons. They did a great job on the AEM-EMS setups for Jeff Ling and I. The AEM setup is certainly a much larger project than the Apexi controller you are going to get. I think that they would be easily able to handle this. I think that they are probably servicing most of the FI cars in the area.

Apexi in Orange recommended XS Engineering in Huntington Beach. I will check with both them and Autowave. Have any of you who have this device or a similar piggy back used the ECU harness adaptor to tie into, or have you just tied into the ecu cable? It seems like it would be cleaner to use the adapter. The downside is the adapter is about $200.