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5 June 2000
Cypress, Texas USA
This weekend I found my X5 and traded my NSX for it. While I can't give you the specific details of my deal I can tell you that I was offered more for my NSX than anyone who called me from visiting this forum or the NSX sites. I can also tell you that I also paid less than MSRP for the 02 BMW X5 as it was used with 5500 miles. Good deal for me and the dealer already has it sold I think.

As I've mentioned before I was selling my car because my wife was re-ended and had neck surgery. While she loved the NSX it was uncomfortable for her to ride in it. While the NSX is joy to drive much of my enjoyment came from sharing the experience with someone. With my son off to college that enjoyment was gone and there's just too little joy in having it sit in the garage. An NSX is meant to be driven.

I want to thank Mark B, Mark J, David, DSwartz, Lud, Todd and Chris for assisting me in understanding the NSX better. I'll also miss the dialog with the rest of you. Remember this is supposed to enjoyable.

If you hit the karting tracks you might see me in the Rotax for us MOBs

Best regards,


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Originally posted by Nsxotic:
It's making me sad too. I love this car. Hopefully the pain will ease when the new one hits the driveway. Still would love to keep both though.

Thanks Todd I'd like to stay in touch. Our LA regional HQ is in Miami so I should be down that way some time I hope.

BTW what are picking up? Another NSX?

Glad to hear that you got what you wanted. I was offered more money on one of my NSX's from the BMW dealership on a trade than I could have ever sold it for myself. Good luck with the X5. Let me know how it is for you. I am looking at getting one of those, too.


Taking the jump on the 2001! Spa yellow is the only way to go! Hope you got a good price on your car and showed those S2K guys what's up!
I just had the exact opposite experience. I just got rid of my 02 X5 for an 01 NSX. You're going to love the X5...unless you need to carry cargo.
See ya Hal! If you ever get the urge to drive an NSX, give me a call!

Good luck in the Bmer! What's next, a Mac club memebership? LOL.
THought I add my 2 cents as I have an X5 as well as the NSX (and a 750iL for business).
I find the X5 to be a marvelous car- it rides and handles like my wife's old 540 (not as fast, although- we got the 3.0- I did not think $12K for the V8 was worth it as it is primarily my wife's car)

Anyways, the only problem with the X5 is that it doesn't hold anything if you have the rear seats up (kids, etc). I hear they are coming out with an "L" version that will be a foot longer in 2003, at which point we'll probably trade ours in.
Thats my only beef- great car and a nice balance to the NSX.
It was great meeting you at Chevy's last Tuesday, maybe our paths will cross again. Good Luck with the Beamer, it's cool vehicle.
Take Care,
Richard Hawkes
1991 NSX Red & Black
I'm sorry to see you go Hal, it was nice meeting. Goodluck with the new car hope you enjoy it as much as the NSX.

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