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AutoCross at Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine?

8 December 2001
Orange, CA USA
I've been by there many times when they've done autocross events for BMW, Bridgestone Tires, and Irvine PD. Perfect lot.

When Bridgestone was there they gave me the contact info. I've been calling them for 5 months and have talked to several people in the office that tell me he's the only guy to book the event. The price point is probably about $1000-2000 for the rental and I CAN'T GET HIM TO CALL ME BACK! He knows it would be an NSXCA event.

Does anyone know the people that run the amphitheater/wild rivers?
If not, should we all start leaving voicemails on next week?

If they'll rent to us at that amount, I can put the event together and it will be around $60 per person just like the Hollywood bowl events Anytime does!

Help me - Help us! :biggrin:

Dave, let me know what help you need, sorry I don't know any Irvine big shots. Would be a great location!
Finally got through to the right guy and they are no longer doing events there due to resurfacing costs. 300K to resurface and 2500 to rent the lot. Too bad.

On to the next one - Does anyone have contacts at El Toro / Lennar Corporate - the builder that just bought the area?

PM me and let me know.
I'm on it!

:biggrin: :biggrin: