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AZ owners going to NSXPO 2005

24 May 2002
Dana Point, CA USA
Dumb question but...

How many of you owners who live in and around Phoenix are staying at home vs. staying at the hotel? This will be our first NSXPO and we're looking forward to it but we have family in Cave Creek and we're debating whether it makes sense to save a few bucks by staying with family (and garaging the car) or staying at the hotel.
During NSXPO 2003 my wife and I didn't stay at the NSXPO Hotel. We opted to save the hotel fare and roomed at The Donetello in downtown SF, a 3.5 Star Hotel :biggrin:. We didn't mind driving the 20 minutes to/from the NSXPO headquarters. So if you have family in AZ do what floats your boat. Nothing better than saving money IMHO.
At NSXPO 2003, I stayed with my family about 20 minutes north of the headquarter hotel.

The pros and cons:

Pros: Save money
Car is garaged
See family

Cons: Less interaction time with fellow NSXer's
Earlier wake up to get to hotel for events (not a morning person :wink: )
Smaller opportunity to attend the unplanned things

I know that at NSXPO 2003, some people went to San Francisco for a night on the town and I missed out since I wasn't around.

These are just a few points that I noticed by staying with family. I guess I probably didn't make your decision any easier, but I hope it might help.

BTW, the hotel is very nice and only a few years old. It overlooks Stone Creek golf course. Plus, the price includes free made to order breakfast and happy hour in the evenings.
I just talked to Seth and he said Chris was planning on taking care of the hotel rooms for all az nsx'rs..... I'll start a list now so he knows what to expect for attendance....

1) Ross - Smoking room please.... 2 room suite if avaiable

If Chris backs out on his promise......Maybee we can all crash at Bills house to remind him to buy another NSX and join back in on all the weekend drives we never take anymore.

Chris.... the 2 room suite with a hot tub
A generous friend/club member opened up his home for me in SF during NSXPO2003 and got to know his family better. I also enjoyed the caravan to and from the event. We even swapped cars so that I got to test drive a 6lb CTSC. :cool:

On the night before RPM kart event in Sacto, I surprised my mom and had a great time catching up with her. After all day talking cars, I don't think I miss much after dinner.

Needless to say, I only have 6 months to look for long lost relatives that lives in Phoenix. :biggrin:
Viewfromtheback said:
I just talked to Seth and he said Chris was planning on taking care of the hotel rooms for all az nsx'rs

In that case I'll settle for the presidential sweet complete with stripper pole and hot tub.
I"m staying at home. I only live about 4 miles from the track.