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Intake B-Line Cold Air Intake with K&N Filter

20 June 2017
San Francisco
SOLD: a red B-Line Motorsports cold air intake, along with a K&N filter. Used, but in excellent condition. All of the mounting hardware specific to the CAI is included. To be sold as-is, no explicit or implied warranty.
Asking $180 plus shipping and PayPal fees (if applicable).

Looks like I can get PMs now, so feel free to contact me that way.

IMG_20170729_091427611.jpg IMG_20170804_182622780.jpg

I just bought my '96, and am restoring it to stock condition. The previous owner installed this air intake, sometime between 2014 and 2017, and so it has somewhere between 1000 and 12,000 miles. The filter is the permanent type, which just needs to be cleaned and oiled.

The B-Line is considered the "true" cold air intake, as the snorkel leads from the throttle body, across the gap where the original intake box would be, and into the cooling duct behind the driver's door. Installation is pretty simple, and if you remove the left rear wheel, it's a lot easier.

Because the intake is so close to the driver, it makes a pretty neat noise (the high-pitched whine you'd expect from a CAI, plus a bit more throatiness from the engine). According to the vendor's website, it increases airflow considerably.

Here is the link to the product website. It retails for $289, and is compatible with all model years.
Here's an NSXPrime post which has a lot more information.

SOLD 9/2017
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