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Intake ***SOLD*** Hard-To-Find Original GRUPPE M Air Intake (As New: $1,000) - SoCal

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1 November 2015
Hi Guys. Another item that I bought from an NSX owner; sadly, that I never ever used. He had the luxury of trying different products, keeping what he wanted and selling what he didn't. I personally know the NSX mechanic that was with him when they installed it (Ramon from Niguel Motors in OC, CA; quick plug - this guy is awesome). He didn't like the growl. I believe he told me that he wanted the sound emitting from exhaust, not intake. IMO, the deep growl is the best part of it, other than the sweet aesthetic. Anyway, he took it off after the test drive and shortly after, I gladly bought it from him. I know there's a newer gen Gruppe M air intake. My understanding is that it's also hard to come by but no way as hard as the original - not with less than a mile on it, anyway. It's going to be completely a matter of preference. I like the original because it looks to be bigger (like a jet turbine) and I like the Kevlar look over the CF. Plus, I have a tendency to like unique, short-run, limited, hard-to-find stuff but that's just me. I pay a premium for that all the time which is why is why the sell-price is $1,000. Nothing wrong with the newer version and if you prefer it, you can acquire it for a couple/few hundred dollars less when it becomes available. If you've always wanted the original one though, I have it and it's for sale. I prefer local; I'm in Huntington Beach (SoCal). It's easily packaged so I'd be willing to ship as long as we insure it properly. The funds would have to clear first. I can verify to your satisfaction; I'm thinking FaceTime with the item, my car and my DL showing my face/name.

any photos of it installed? Sound clips from in the car doing a few pulls?
Thanks, those are good questions. I never installed it, so no. I'm not 100% right now but if I feel better, maybe I can install it and shoot a video for the audio. If I do, I'll upload it, no problem.
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