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Back from the body shop

19 July 2002
:smile: Finally Got the Nsx back after two weeks in the body shop. I had the WW kit installed and front bumper and mirrors repainted. As soon as I get the louvered hood and New Nsx-r type wing from SOS I will be painting the hood and fenders and blend at the doors. The kit looks real good and I had the side skirts reinforced as well as the rear spats. The spats were screwed into the bumper and the hole was filled and painted over. I will post pic's when the rest is done, and the Iforged sprints should be in 2-3 more weeks they told me. I was told 3-4 weeks on the wheels. Well it looks like 6-8 weeks more like it. I also just purchased a 2004 silver Gallardo with e-gears today from Bentley of Chicago. I will pick up the Lambo on Wednesday.


  • sm nsx body kit 004.jpg
    sm nsx body kit 004.jpg
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Let me be the first to congratulate you on the purchase of the Gallardo. NSX will be daily and Gallardo for weekend I presume? :smile:

Very nice! It's beautiful and the fact that it's not even done yet is too cool. Great taste in mods and :eek: in cars in general!!!!! Toss a fridge and a bed in that garage of yours and who needs the house???? Congrats on the Italian beauty too.

Oh, those Privat Fahrens are sweet on the NSX. Will we see them up for sale when the new ones come in????? Curious too about their weight and maybe your general impressions about them if you have a moment when you might not be eeny meeny miney mowing over which sweet ride to drive that day. The best problem in the world to have. :rolleyes:

Enjoy them all. I'd bet you deserve it.

I am not sure of the wieght on the wheels. But I think they are a very nice looking wheels for the money. $1500.00 wheels and tires. I just listed my nsx on e-bay just to see if there are any nibbles. The car is really set up nice for someone.