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Barrington Cruise Night, Exotic Car Theme, Thurs. June 23

15 November 2001
Chicago, IL, USA
Chicago Area NSXers -

Downtown Barrington hosts a cruise night every Thursday during the summer. This Thursday, June 23rd, the theme is Exotic Cars. Lets have a good NSX showing!

I was there last Thursday and it's at least as big as the Elmhurst Cruise Night. The featured cars get to park down the main drag, the rest of the cars are in a separate parking lot. There was a good selection of American Muscle, Ferraris, Vipers, Porsche and I'm sure the exotic car theme will bring out a plethora of cool rides. A friend of mine saw a Ferrari Enzo there last summer. I'm pretty sure there is judging/prizes. Not sure how soon you have to get there to sign up. Here is a link to details...


We had such a wonderful showing at the Quiznos Cruise In it would be great to follow that up with another PRIME event. This event is about 6 miles further North down Barrington Road (in downtown Barrington). There are usually signs posted that guide you into the parking areas.
I would love to make it, but unfortunately I can't. Hope the show is a good one.
Last night, there was...

One Ferrari 550 Maranello, One 360 Spyder, One 355, One Viper, One Elise...

And 8 NSXs!

Awesome turnout again. I was a little disappointed that the organizers didn't group all the exotic cars together that well, but at least we had a pack of NSXs! Did anyone take any pics - I didn't bring my camera.

I had fun - I've also determined that I need to get my other rims put on and a much louder exhaust. So this is what the mod bug feels like?

As far as events on the horizon, the Brian Redman International Challenge at Road America is coming up on July 14-17. I usually go on either Saturday or Sunday. It's a great mix of historic race cars, exotics, and stuff you just can't see anywhere else (think McLaren F1 road car and GT40s and your're close). I wasn't going to take the NSX, but if others are interested in caravaning down there I would.

Great seeing everyone again - owning an NSX is turning out to be a blast.

- Frank
Here Are Some I Took.
The BRIC is always great. We usually take the NSX up on Saturday and stay for the Concurs downtown. I think the theme is F1 (more then six cars) again this year. Anyone want to join us?
Here Are Some Photos Of That Event.


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