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Bay Area Repair Shop Advise - Foreign Affair

18 June 2005
Has anyone in the San Fran Bay Area used Foreign Affair in Santa Clara for repair work on their NSX and if so what was your experience? I've scheduled a timing belt/water pump job.
I've had them do everything from routine maintenance to installing aftermarket go-fast parts. I've found them to be highly competent and continue to use them. The owner races and has a supercharged NSX.
Thank you very much for your reply. I was a little anxious not knowing anything about this shop. I hope they're as good to me. Rgrds. :smile:
I have used Foreign Affair for a couple of jobs on my '91. They did my header/exhaust and my sway bars. I found them to be very clean, timely and professional. But their prices just can't compare to Don at Hilltop Auto in Daly City.

As Ted says, the owner drives a supercharged NSX (which he let me drive) and he races professionally. The service area is neat and clean and they are very knowledgable about the car. But when I spoke with them about being a little more competitive with their prices they told me that they just can't budge. They told me that their overhead is too high to bring their prices down any more.

I had Don do my timing belt and water pump for a fraction of the price at FA. He does all my alignments and tranny work (short gears and R&P) too. HTH
Thanks for the advise. I tried calling Hill Top but it appears is out on vacation until July 12th. I was just curious how much he actually charged for a timing belt/water pump job. Oh well, I have the feel that I need to get this done ASAP so off to FA. Thanks again.
AlwaysRussian said:
Thanks for the advise. I tried calling Hill Top but it appears is out on vacation until July 12th. I was just curious how much he actually charged for a timing belt/water pump job. Oh well, I have the feel that I need to get this done ASAP so off to FA. Thanks again.

I paid about < $1200 for timing belt, all belt, water pump, and coolant at Hilltop. A lot of NSX owners in the bay area bring their cars to Hilltop. Their price is very reasonable and they do excellent job as well.
FYI. Foreign Affair quoted me $1840 to do the timing/accessory belts, water pump and valve adjustment. Acura of Stockton quoted $1480 for the belt/water pump and $685 for the valve adjustment. That comes to $2165. At Hill Top the belt/pump job is approx. $1200 so I wonder how much the valve adjust is? :confused:
Don is on vacation until the 12th of July, but my guess is that he will not charge $640 for the valves, especially while he's already in the engine.
I thought you would probably say that and I agree. Even a conservative guess at $400 to do the valves it's $250 cheaper than Foreign Affair. I scheduled to take the car to FA tomorrow morning. I'll see how "flexible" they are and report the outcome to this site so that the other members have some idea of where to shop. Thanks again. :smile:
Prices do change, but the last time I got a valve adj. quote from Don (~six months ago) it was around $300-$350 with timing belt and around $400-$450 without.
Actually, I might be wrong...
I think I paid about $1100 or less for T-belt, belts, coolant and water pump about 2 to 3 years ago...and Don quote me about $200 to $250 for the valve adjustment at that time.
Thanks everyone. It's too late I dropped the car off at Foreign Affair this morning. I just bought the car (1991 w/29K) less than a month ago and the air conditioning didn't work. Also, the service records I inherited from the previous owners showed no evidence of servicing beyond the basics. These two things were making me a little "edgy" and since I wanted to make the get together in Stockton this weekend decided to just get it over with. Next time however I plan on giving Don a call before I do anything.

For the record, the timing and accessory belts, water pump, lower timing belt cover, replacement of coolant and valve adjustment job is going to cost $1798.00 plus tax = $1871.88

Great advise guys! Thanks. :smile:
I think you will be happy with FA. I've found them to be extremely knowledgeable and competent. They do what needs to be done, and don't try to push things on you that you don't need.

They also seem to be the "goto" guys for comptech work. I've heard anecdotal stories of them fixing other peoples installations. In fact... not long after you left there this morning, a Silver NSX with a CTSC arrived on a flatbed after being refused service at a local dealer.

The only downside I've found is that they tend to be a little on the expensive side... at least for some things. They seem to be pretty competitive on others.
Thanks for the good words on FA. I'm picking the car up tonight so I hope I feel the same way. You are right about one thing though they do appear to be quite expensive at least compared to Hill Top. I figure I could save about $400 on the same work there. Oh well, as long as the work is done right and I don't have to worry about it that really is the value to me. Thanks again. :smile:
You will not be disappointed with the work at Foreign Affair. Their techs are well trained and their service and attention to detail is top-notch.

But with the money you could have saved at Don's you could have bought a set of rear tires! :biggrin:
Hey, don't rub it in. $400 ain't chump change and there's no doubt I could find a better place for it. Being new and somewhat "virginal" to the NSX scene it takes a while to learn the "curves" so to speak. As of this writing I haven't seen the final bill. When I know that information I'll post the figures. I think it helps any of the other members in the same position I was that are looking for a qualified repair house. Next time I'll give Don a call. :smile: