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"Because we have significant wealth but innefectual ways to tap it"

6 November 2006
Austin, TX
I just about fell over my chair when I read this. Heard a Dino commercial on the radio this morning for www.changeourgov.com and found this link for an effort by Gregoire to implement state income tax. As if 9.4% (King County) ******* sales tax ain’t enough!!!
“The board has advocated an income tax for the state in exchange for B&O reform and a lower sales tax, because we have significant wealth but ineffectual ways to tap it.”

Once they implement state income tax, you know they’re not going to lower sales tax!
Gregoires abysmal record - http://www.changeourgov.com/gregoire_record.php

PACNW guys – Get out and vote this woman out!
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Nice to hear someone else is paying attention. I work with other lobbyist to support the change. The Pac.NorWest is a housing mecha, and everyone needs to understand that growth is how we survive and thrive.:biggrin: