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Best Bra?

16 March 2000
Southern CA, USA
What is the best bra available for the NSX? It should not require metal fasteners in the sheet metal, and should not scuff the paint surface in any way. Where are they available and how much do they cost?
I think is the factory bra. I bought mine fron Tracy Townsend at Gunn Acura in Texas (210)696-2462. List is $139 I paid $104.25, it meets your requirements and fits like a glove.


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I had a OEM bra for my '92. It rubbed some of the paint off the nose! Suggestion: Live with some paint chips, then repaint when necessary. Most of my friends say that bras can do more harm than good.
I've had a nose mask for years. If you keep it clean, make sure the the car is clean and well-waxed before using it, and only use it for short periods (I use mine on long trips) it will be fine. You should also take it off when it gets wet.

If you leave a nose mask on most or all of the time it will damage the paint one way or another.
I use mine all the time but I never drive the car in the rain, I always take it off when I wash the car and I keep it completely dry. How is this going to damage the paint? If it does, then with or without bra you WILL have to repaint the nose anyway because of all the stone chips - so what difference does it make?
If you keep the inside of the bra clean and the nose of the car clean and well-waxed all you have to worry about is the part under the bra not fading at the same rate as the rest of the paint if you park in the sun a lot.

Personally I just use it for long trips as I mentioned and it's done very well for that.