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Best tint for rear hatch?

18 November 2010
Pasadena, CA
I'm looking for a tint product that would allow me to go without my engine cover, but without the UV rays damage my hoses, belts, etc.

I had some tint applied by Toby. He lives in the desert but comes to you for install. He has multiple products from limo tint to a new one called Air Blue. It was originally designed for windshields and really isn't that dark of a tint but is as good as limo tint. I had my side windows and rear hatch done and it looks like it came from the factory that way. He's done all my cars. His company is Elite Window Tinting and this is his website http://www.elitetint.com/Home_Page.html
I have 30% ceramic tint on my hatch (max legal dark in TX) and I wouldn't want it any darker. From a few feet away, it looks totally black! I would think it would do a great job sheilding the plastic and rubber bits from UV :smile:

I did mine at 35% to match the side windows and removed the engine cover, I never had any issues at all. I didn't use anything special, just the standard mid-level tint that the shop offered.
I think my tint has titanium in it. I've had in on my car 7 years now & it hasn't faded at all. You get what you pay for.
I'm getting my red NSX tinted this Friday to match my blue and silver. Max legal tint in AZ, whatever that is. The sun is just too brutal here not to have tint.


Just some random thoughts. I wouldn't be too confident of any tint saving your hoses. I did 20 on the rear. It really cuts down night driver visability hugely. It's frankly dangergous, but i rarely drive at night so it's worked for me. It does affect your abiltity to detect police cherries at distance, and i'm talking daylight here. I'm really thinking about pulling it. I don't leave my car out enough to worry about the hoses, but it is a gamble. Although if you simply look at your hoses once a year, you should be able to see the uv degredation occur and simply replace a few up top. Now the coolant tank will give not warning. I don't have that Cali sun here in the midwest.
Thinking about going with 70 on my Nsx. I just want something that will help protect the interior as well as cool cabin temps down. Anyone have any experience with 70%?