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Brakes Big Brake Kit (BBK) Front & Rear + Emergency Brake assembly


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1 August 2008
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- 4 piston calipers
- 330mm x 32mm Front Rotors (i.e. 13")
- 355mm x 32mm Rear Rotors (i.e. 14")

- Functional 10/10
- Paint & Finish 8/10

Rotora/Grex Caliper | Rotora Assembly | Porterfield & Rotora pads
Custom E-brake (same used in other kits)

- 63% front brake bias (same as Stoptech)
- Brand new SS brake lines
- caliper piston sizing matched to the NSX stock brake master cylinder
- approx 50% pad life in front and 30% pad life rear.
- Lighter than the stock setup

$2000 + Shipping

I was very impressed with these brakes. I didn't want to like them at first because of the no-name brand back then, but the reality is after Billy J. endorsed them a long time ago (as he use to race with Rotoras) and after I've used them for a few years both on track and street, also realizing that an old tuning JDM tuning company Grex/Trust used these for many cars including the Skyline GT-R-32/33/34... it was easy to keep them for so long. I'm selling them now because I decided to go with a smaller wheel/tire setup. These will fit 17/18 but not fit the stock 17/17 because the rear rotor is a massive 14". Yet, despite the really beefy rotors they work with the NSX quite well. The brake balance is quite good. Since the rotors are large, vented and drilled, you can run street pads that barely dust and last a very very long time because the entire brake system runs very cool, even under heavy track conditions. I can't speak highly enough about these.. Don't mind the surface rust in the pics. I had "NSX" high temp sticker labels made but you can see below that if you peel them off they have the factory ACURA logo baked in and cleared over. I have H emblems on the car so my OCD was irritated that I had Honda badges and Acura brakes. I should also state that don't expect anything amazing with these e-brakes. They do the job but all of the BBK ebrake systems i've tried do not work as well as stock. I've also included 2 speedbleeders in the front but I suggest you buy 6 more. They are amazing.


Installed on 17/18 CE's

Installed on 18/19 CEs

When the calipers were fresh from paint:



Others: You can find them sprinkled in these videos.

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Ryu, I'm interested. Pm me your number? I'm local.
A few PM's on fitment... I'll respond to here. Guys, I really have no clue if your ABC wheel will fit. The best I can provide are examples such as the gold CEs above. The sizing for those can be found here

Based off these offsets you will need approximately a 5mm spacer to clear the front because these are standard CEs not the 'high pad' version with a thick wheel pad area. Ultimately I used a 15mm spacer in the front because I have DF wide fenders but a 5mm spacer would have been fine to clear.

You will see in my video link in my signature these also fit over 17/18 CEs with no spacers on my other set.

They also fit over these.

Bronze Advan Model 5 wheels 17x8 +38 offset / 18 x 9 +20 offset ** old 18x10 45

Enkei RPF1 Type RC 18/19 2-Piece
Wheel Sizes:
Front: 18x8.5 +42 offset (needed a spacer)
Rear: 19x10 +27

Advan RS
17x8+37 18x10+ 35
RS-D 18x9 +25

Volk Racing CE28n High Pad
Front: 17x8 +38 Rear: 18x9.5 +40
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