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Brake options?

17 February 2000
San Francisco, CA
Anybody have experience with different type of pads? How bout Dali racing pads? Never read any review about it. I'm in need of better pads for regular street use and about once a month track use.
I heard that u can use the new (bigger rotor as in 97 up) by using the new adapter/bracket for the new caliper without actually changing the caliper. Is that true?
Also, will the factory bra fit over car with wingswest front spoiler?

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Andrie, this is George. there is no bracket for rotors. Only for calipers. so iff you do get the 97up rotors and brackets, you dont have to worry about calipers fitment. However, you should not get OEM brakes because 1) they are expensive 2) they dont work as well, or look as cool as aftermarket ones and 3)the OEM brake components are heavy as #$%@! My 13inch AP rotors weight a lot less than the 11inch OEM rotors.

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I have RM Racing's brake pads and slotted rotors. They are a huge improvement over stock and are excellent for heavy street use and light track.