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Brunch on Sunday 6/17

10 September 2002
Brunch on Sunday 6/24

Gang, we're planning to meet for dim sum at Phoenix Palace Buffet on Sunday 6/24 at 11am. It received a good review from AZ Republic. There's a Boba Tea House next door too. For folks on the north/west side, I can meet up with you somewhere and caravan together. I know it's Father's Day, but if you don't have any plans, join us! :)

2075 N Dobson Rd
Chandler, AZ 85224
(480) 855-4047

Phoenix Palace
Reviewed by: Nikki Buchanan, The Arizona Republic, Mar. 10, 2010

When it comes to gathering family and friends to eat and talk and eat some more, the Chinese are old hands.

They were nibbling dim sum about a thousand years before we Americans turned brunch into a similar Sunday pastime. If you've never tried dim sum before, Phoenix Palace offers a deliciously accessible introduction to the elaborately prepared small plates. If you're already a devotee, don't wait another minute.

Scene: Phoenix Palace is a big room, packed with tables, some outfitted with lazy susans, and large enough to seat the multigenerational families arriving in droves on Sundays. A small takeout area near the front door makes it possible to grab a few snacks and go. But who would want to when dim sum celebrates the noisy movable feast of traditional trolleys laden with gorgeous goodies?

It's all about abundance and instant gratification. You see something you like and you "follow your heart" - which is dim sum's colloquial translation.

Service: More carts per minute than any other dim sum restaurant in town. And most of the servers speak some English while a few are fluent. They're universally friendly and willing to describe what they're pushing.

Food: Don't be spooked if you see a bowl of chicken feet whiz by. They're the exception, not the rule, in a tradition known for its refinement. Do expect an array of dishes so pretty, you won't care if you know what you're eating.

No one makes better char siu bao, steamed buns filled with sweet barbecued pork, because no one else gets the dough this fluffy or the pork this moist. They're amazing, but so is every dumpling and pastry here. We loved the slippery rice flour roll filled with beef and splashed with sweetened soy sauce. Har gow, pleated bonnets of pink shrimp, and firm jellyfish dumplings made us purr with pleasure, as did a sweet, shiny bun filled with shredded coconut, and a little pastry perfection called Snow Mountain, its interior rich with coconut custard.

Spicy salt shrimp, nested on taro sticks and topped with jalapeño and green onion, are all salt and crunch while crisp-skinned roasted duck, served with pickled vegetables and peanuts, is aromatic with five-spice. Mashed taro comes stuffed with pork and wrapped in a crispy lace, but pan-fried taro cake, unctuous with pork fat, offers a different experience altogether. After all the heavy dishes, steamed Chinese broccoli, drizzled with oyster sauce, seems blessedly light and healthful.

Lowdown: Get there before the 11:30 a.m. crush. But turnover is quick. Some dishes are surprisingly generous, so come with a group to sample more things. Items categorized A-E range from $2.25 to $6.25, which means two people can eat a table's worth for $35 or less

-- Nikki Buchanan, The Arizona Republic, Mar. 10, 2010
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I'm always snooping around here in the Phoenix section since we used to live there for 3 years before moving out to Cali.

I tell my wife that we gotta go visit my old hometown (my child hood school...) someday-one of these summers :smile:

Just a random post since dim sum sounds good:biggrin:
I'm always snooping around here in the Phoenix section since we used to live there for 3 years before moving out to Cali.

I tell my wife that we gotta go visit my old hometown (my child hood school...) someday-one of these summers :smile:

Just a random post since dim sum sounds good:biggrin:
Let us know if you do come visit! Dim sum is always good. :)
I am game.
If you want to come meet me in Tempe and drive down that's cool. Let me know
We shall see. I usually take 101 directly to Warner, but if anyone wants to cut through Tempe I'm open to that.
Chicken feet!
Ick! :p

I live right down the street and as a new owner, have been trying to catch up with other valley owners.

But it's Fathers Day. If nothing is planned by the wife around this time, I will try and make it out.

Hi Steve, you must be the owner of the 98 Kaiser Silver NSX? I will be bringing my 97 Kaiser Silver, and would love to meet you and see your car. Hope you can make it!

Yep, that's mine :biggrin: How crazy was it that I happened to run into Mike just casually cruising down Chandler Blvd!

I'll do my best to make it out on Sunday. If not, I will be out sooner or later!

BTW, I have a buddy with a 97 Kaiser here in Chandler. I'll drag him out one of these days too.
Kaiser is taking over PHX. Wow Kaiser is now the new Red. :biggrin:

Whatever, dude! People were gawking at your NSX at the S2k meet. They walked past my silver as if it wasn't even there. :frown: Makes me miss my red '91.
Doh! Looks like I need a new brake master cylinder. Brake pedal soft to the floor when over 100 degrees. No noticeable leaks. Damn old cars!!!Can I still go to dim sum if I don't drive the X?
I have a friend visiting from out of town that wants to do lunch tomorrow. Why don't we reclschedule for next week?
I am fine with moving to next week

Great! I've changed the date on the title and original post.

Peter, let me know if you need a ride to/from SOS. I'm planning to take my blue NSX in soon to get a crankshaft pulley shield installed.
So the Dim Sum is on Sunday the 24th now?

Maybe I can talk the wife into going out for lunch :cool: