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Buttonwillow Raceway event Jan 26-27th only $110!

29 November 2001
Orange County, CA
I am proud to announce our next event, Buttonwillow Raceway on January 26th & 27th, 2002!

For those who may not be familiar with Buttonwillow, at 3 miles, it is the longest and most technical track in the Los Angeles area. With twenty-three turns, three major elevation changes, the banked "Riverside" sweeper, and a perfect drift over "Lost Hill" (AKA "Magic Mountain"), Buttonwillow offers both a unique learning environment, and a challenge to advanced drivers. We will be running the full track in race configuration #1, clockwise, as highlighted in yellow below.

We are also happy to report we will have AMB transponder-based timing at this event. We are currently classing cars for our new time trial series, which will be a championship-style points race culminating with awards for the leaders in each class.

As always, registration is limited to keep traffic light, and the cost is low - only $110! More information on the event is available at http://www.wurthmotorsports.com.

Hope to see you there!

It is $200 for both days, and in our opinion it is a very good deal. We sell fewer cars into the track than pretty much anyone else, so there is very little traffic, and you get 5 x 30 minute sessions (per day), which is about an hour more track time than most groups. All in all a great value.

Re: Timing and insurance, you can choose whether to be timed or not, and there is instruction avail (making it a driver's ed event), so your insurance should be fine with it.

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Yep, in a surprise move we've got the legendary Mr. Hayashi in his S2000, along with 8 others so far for the S2000 Challenge time trials....and 1 nsx. C'mon guys, there must be more interest than this in the nsx community?!?

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Just a quick update for anyone on the fence: we now have 7 NSX's and 11 S2000's attending this event, including 1 turbo NSX.

Remember that all are welcome, whether driving or not, if you'd like to come out to see what it's all about. Aside from BW's $10 charge to get in, there is no fee to look around, and even get rides from participants, so come visit us at the track!
Seven NSXers...that's great for a non-club track event. Our registeration is confirmed. First time at Buttonwillow, can't wait to test the new setup. Sweet rollbar DH. Paul