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[VIC] Honda Nationals 2013 - Saturday 20th April - Winton Raceway

21 October 2011
Hi All,

This was posted on my forum and I'm sharing this event to fellow Honda enthusiasts.

It is now known as the H Nationals.

All are welcome, so come along and support your mates and the community even if you aren't hitting the track.

When: Saturday 20th April 2013
Where: Winton Motor Raceway
Who: Anyone with a Honda

The day will be run in an open lapping format, with 5 run groups and rotating sessions.

There will be a class system in a similar vein to previous events, details will be released closer to entries opening. The focus of the day is not competition though, the idea is to get everyone out to enjoy their Hondas with like minded enthusiasts in a safe and social environment.

Check the facebook page HERE for the latest.



Date: Saturday the 20th April 2013
Location: Winton Raceway (Long track)
Price: $160 (Per car, additional driver in the same group at no extra cost)
Available places: 65
Format: Open practice with 5 run groups
Entries open 9PM 20/01/2013

Individual Requirements
- A valid CAMS L2S or higher licence or AASA licence.
- Non flammable clothing from neck to ankle to wrist (long sleeves and long pants)
- Enclosed footwear
- AS1698 or higher approved helmet (Snell etc.) Full face or open face is acceptable.

Vehicle Requirements
- Must be in good trackworthy condition
- Tyres in roadworthy condition with adequate tread
- No fluid leaks
- Brakes in good condition with firm pedal
- No loose parts in the interior or engine bay including battery
- Aftermarket (CFRP/FRP) bonnets must be fitted with a secondary bonnet restraint, such as a bonnet pin or strap.
- A 1kg or larger fire extinguisher must be fitted in a location accessible by the driver, using a metal bracket and appropriate fasteners. Self tapping screws are not acceptable. Extinguisher must be AS 1841.5.
- If you have removable tow hooks please install them before the day

General notes
- No pets or alcohol in the pit area.
- All are welcome, if it's your first track day there will be a bunch of experienced drivers on hand to give you advice both on your car and driving techniques. Just ask! We'd really like to see a lot of new faces at this event.
- Each vehicle must be scrutineered before it will be allowed onto the circuit. Scrutineering will take place in the pit bays, details to be confirmed. Make sure you get into your pit bay and prepared as quickly as you can, the quicker we get everybody scrutineered the quicker we can get on track.
- There will be a driver's briefing immediately before we begin the first session. All drivers must attend the driver's briefing.
- Cars will be grouped by lap time based on the information you give in your entry. If you feel you are too fast or slow for your group, please speak to Michael, myself or one of the other helpers on the day and we will re-consider your grouping.
- Timing will be provided using the Winton transponder system, you will need to collect your transponder from the timing office (at the old BP start/finish line) at the beginning of the day and return it at the end of the day. Times will be published on www.natsoft.com.au
- This event is not primarily a competitive event, the classing system is only in place to provide friendly competition. Drive safely and follow all instructions given by marshalls or you may be banned from the event. Any dangerous or reckless driving, including poor on track etiquette regarding passing will not be tolerated.


Entry form: LINK (will open at 9PM tonight)

Entries will be accepted in order of receipt. No more than 65 entries will be accepted, entries in excess of this number will be placed on the waiting list and offered a place in order if other entrants fail to confirm their places or drop out. At this stage we are accepting entries from Honda vehicles only.

Once you have sent in your entry an email will be sent to you including payment details within 2 days, from the date of this email you will have 10 days to make payment. Once we've received your payment you'll get a second email confirming your place. Leading up to the day if you can no longer take part in the day please let us know immediately so we can fill your spot. Places cannot be transferred to a friend, your place will go to the next person on the waiting list.
If you want two people to drive a car in separate sessions (ie. twice as much track time) then you must put in an entry for each driver.

A $80 penalty will apply if you pull out of the track day within 2 weeks of the event (April 6th), no refund will be given if you pull out of the day within 5 days of the event (April 15th) regardless of whether we find a replacement for your place.

Supplementary regulations will be emailed out to all entrants at a later date. Please make sure you give an email address that you check frequently with your entry as all updates will be sent to the provided email address.

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]

Michael and I are still fine tuning the classing system, we hope to have the system available soon. Expect a similar system to previous years, we'll be working hard to ensure that each entrant has a class that their car will fare well in. Remember that the day is not a race though, the focus is on participation and enjoyment.
I'm down for this, I have an event at phillip island next saturday so I wont enter this until after the event in case something goes wrong with the car, are the 65 spots being taken up quick?
I'll try and make this event as well even though i get back from OS only a couple of days before
It all happened at the very last minute but I was there.

Fabulous day -- standard of all the Honda's was extremely high (Lots of stripped out race cars on trailers, superchargers & turbo's on everything!) -- extremely well run -- great people, very welcoming even though I was twice the age of all the other competitors.

The quickest car was the BYP Racing Developments 550WHP Integra Type R that just won Vic Time Attack.

Overall standard of driving and track etiquette was very good. Other than one motor I don't think anyone damaged a car.

DONT MISS NEXT YEAR -- the place was absolutely buzzing because one NSX was there. Paint faded because so many photos were taken.

Side note: I have new found respect for our cars. As I live in the "Nanny State" (Vic) I had never driven the car hard. It was its first track day, ran faultless all day and so precise on the limit. Very predictable. ---- I LOVE MY NSX!
Great you had a chance to use the NSX as designed!!

Maybe we can get a contingent of SA NSXs over next year??

Look forward to Felix posting some shots......and some more of Tassy....hint...hint!!