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Cabin Air Filter Replacement

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
I recently ordered the cabin air filters and decided to give it a try. Other than somewhat of a tight area to work in, changing the cabin filters did not take too long. I was surprised that it takes two filters rather than just one. They are pretty small. It requires that you remove the glovebox and remove a couple of components to gain access to the filter holders. I found myself pretty much on my knees with the door wide open trying to squezze into a reltatively tight area. It took me probably around 30 minutes to do it for the first time. I probably could have left the OEMs in place as they were not too dirty.
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As a follow up. I noticed a real improvement in air flow. The old filters were original going back to the manufacture of the car in late 2016. They were not so dirty that you could not see sun light through them but apparently they were restrictive.
You're welcome.
Yes of course thankyou for posting such a detailed guide. It made all the difference in getting to the filter boxes. It is somewhat a tight fit and not particularly easy to get to all the screws.