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Cal Coastal Monthly Meeting

9 September 2000
Thousand Oaks, Ca.
Well last night was a rainy one but about 10 brave soles made it to the Red Robin in Calabasas for a great meeting.

Thank's to everyone for all the great toys for the Toy's For Tot's collection and thanks again to John for organizing another great meeting.

After muddling through dinner without our official club waitress in attendance
the gentlemen from the newly formed Factor X tuning studios gave a comprehensive presentation of their new cause, outlining their philosophy's on engine building, tuning and customer service. I believe with their enthusiasm and knowledge they will achieve success in their new venture.

After stalling for as long as possible everyone decided to venture out into the weather to see the first incarnation of the Anytime Racing Duel exhaust that has been installed on my car. Although, in the rain, traction became in issue I was able to make a high rpm run past the small crowd so they could sample the beautiful exhaust note this exhaust puts out. Yesterday I picked up my car from the R&D department after a month of development work so John could show at least the exhaust portion of the project as promised. The car will return to R&D on Jan 2nd to have the new headers matched to the exhaust and all the final adjustments will be made to both.

Dyno and pictures and sound clips will be posted soon. I can tell you the sound is something to behold. The best way I can describe the sound (amazingly others described it the same way last night) is that of a growl. At full throttle it sounds similar to the Taitec but at crusing speeds is very subtle and civilized....it really seems to come alive when you lay on the rpm's. According to the R&D tech, when testing on the flow bench, it out performed the other aftermarket exhaust that was previously on my car by 33%. While I haven't drivin my car for about a month and won't have the final dyno numbers until late today my seat of the pants impression.....well never mind....
Stay Tuned

Thanks to all for showing up in bad weather last night and have a happy a safe holiday.
For those who didn't or couldn't attend the CalCoastalNSX meeting, here's some more info for you.

Anytime Racings exhaust was a hit with some "Drive by" sound tests. Got good feedback and it is still in the beta test faze. More to follow as dyno and headers are on the way. A separate post is coming.

Factor X Motorsports focuses on optimizing performance in high end Japanese imports from the enthusiast to the professional. They are experienced in all forms of racing, including Baja 1000, NHRA Pro Import, NAIRA, IDRC, SCCA, NASA(not the space program)

They have: Master ASE certification, Advanced Honda Technical Training, Factory Honda Training, Motec Fuel Management Certified, Pectal(PI System Certfied)

Some accomplishments: Built the nations fastests Lexus with over 1400 H.P., Tuned the worlds fastest Honda, Battle of the Imports ALL MOTOR Champion, 1st Place in SI challenge, Paul Tracy couldn't even break there motor.

What they provide: Basic preventative maintenence, Tuning(for reliability and usable power), Engine building (including race engines), Aftermarket parts installation, Custom fabrications (Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Iconel, Fiberglass, FRP, SS)

Why tune you ask? Honda computers cannot detect boost- Once you add forced induction or any hard performance additions, your engine is no longer running at full potential. A properly tuned car is running is a safe operating range in all conditions(under boost, under loads up hill and at start up). Realize full potential of your modifications by tuning your car AFTER you add performance "Hard parts", and increase your overall HP & Torque gains and put your engine back into a safe operating range.
(Info was taken from Factor X Motorsports brochure)