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Can I rent a NSX?

20 April 2000
port st. lucie, fl. USA
I saw in a couple of posts that ppl have rented nsx's. I live in Fl. and I have been looking to rent one but cant find anyone that does. So for those that have, Where did you rent a NSX???

I rented in LA from Beverly Hills Auto Rentals. Normally $400 per day + $0.50 per mile! I was able to negotiate a deal for $350 per day plus mileage. I ended up spending right at $500 per day for about 300 miles per day... most all of it canyon jamming in Malibu Canyon and along Mulhullen Drive. AWESOME! I don't recommed it at night in an NSX. It is a scary proposition.

There are a couple of places on the big island of Hawaii that rent them too, along with Ferrari 355s. I am not sure about Florida, but I am sure you can find something in Miami. They will rent you anything in that town!

I will rent you mine for $500 per day, minimum 30 day rental, with a security deposit of $100,000.
Good Luck.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51 Yellow/Black
[email protected] http://www.g3.com