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Prospective NSX owner

26 April 2024
Hello All,

I am just outside Louisville, KY and was wondering if any NSX owner lives in or around KY where I can see the car up close and possibly get a ride. I honestly thought I joined the forum several years ago but couldn't find my log in info so had to re register again.

I spend most of my time on Rennlist ( '91 964 Turbo) or MBworld ( '14 E63s wagon and couple of E55's) and now looking to buy a FI NSX.

If there's a member with a FI-Gen 1, that would be even better.

Hope to join the community soon

Guys, this is a genuine request for seeing this car upclose. I am in Louisville and really don't mind driving 1-2 hours if someone is gracious enough to give me a chance to see one

Curtsr in NW Cinti OH is who you'd like to visit and drive with.
I believe he is more active on _ ace_ook.
Great guy, great FI red firecracker.

Hope you can get on board.
I assume “FI” in this case means supercharged?

If you just want to see an NSX up close, there’s one close to you on FB.

I’ve had about a dozen air-cooled Porsches in my 50+ years of driving, currently a 993 C4. The NSX certainly feels more “exotic.” There’s a reason Gordon Murray used it as the inspiration for the F1.

Obviously, the NSX power comes at higher revs, so that’s a different experience. The only thing I find a bit odd about the cars is that the steering ratio seems noticeably slow.

The original factory-approved aftermarket supercharger has been updated and is offered by a well-known and respected NSX supplier. If I were younger I’d probably be more interested in that lol.

If you haven’t seen it, check out the chart in my signature that shows the year-to-year NSX differences and production numbers. The “purest” cars are the 1991-1994 cars, 3.0 liter, rigid coupe body with manual steering. Also those are the highest production and correspondingly lowest price- they made a ton of them- 62% of the US cars are from those first four years of production. (The 51 Zanardis made in 1999 are higher-power 3.2 liter versions of that original vision, are very expensive, and only come in red- a deal-killer for my silver-cars-only stable.)

But many folks, including me, prefer the 1997-2005 3.2 liter, 6-speed cars, which are almost all targas.
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Welcome to NSX Prime!

Another thing to consider with FI NSXs is that the engine was not really designed for it. The 3.0 engines use a graphite head gasket, open deck layout (for better cooling), and relatively mild head bolt torque. Honda never approved FI for these engines. The 3.2 uses a MLS gasket and stronger head bolt torque, so Honda was comfortable with dealer-installed superchargers on brand new 3.2 cars. That said, it's still not ideal. Keep in mind that the original Comptech supercharger to which Honda gave the big corporate thumbs up was a low-boost unit (~6psi IIRC).

The reason I say all this is that now, after time, we're seeing the effects on the cars. FI NSXs tend to have more head gasket leaks (especially in the 3.0 cars) and worse compression due to ring seals getting blown out from the extra heat and cylinder pressure. So, if you're considering a used FI NSX, budget in the likely need for an engine overhaul at some point. In fact, many owners who are selling their 3.2 cars are removing the superchargers prior to sale.

If you're considering adding a supercharger to a NA NSX, I continue to strongly recommend building the block for FI. That means closed deck sleeves, MLS gasket, ARP head bolts (w/time-serts) and, ideally, low-compression pistons. With proper engine management and tuning, this setup will give you years of trouble-free enjoyment and result in a viciously fast NSX. :D The SOS kit is fantastic.
Centerpunch and Honcho, Many thanks for taking time and replying to a new person's post. I have always liked the NSX's but never pulled the trigger 'coz of the power especially the torque. I started following the Prime several years ago when the LoveFab kits first came out but seeing the issues at the time, I lost interest again.
With the SOS in the picture, I have been following the platform for few months now and seems like it's a pretty reliable and viable option for guys like me who desires bit more power.
SOS suggested to get a 3.0 where the engine won't need the sleeving and the S/C would be enough to meet my power goals ( 325-350 ft/lbs. torque.
I am not young either mid 50's and don't treat the cars rough either. My '91 964 Turbo bought 2002 with 21K miles has 46K miles now and drives great with no issues. Have a modified NA 2002 E55 (340rwhp/375ftlbs) and a slightly modified 2014 E63s wagon (675/700) and is a beast to drive.
Having said that, There's a chance I might not like the power delivery but I got to scratch the NSX itch too.
These are lovely cars, no doubt about that.
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