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Car Alarm?

30 January 2005
Colorado Springs, CO
Anyone in the Orange County area know a good place to get a new car alarm installed for the NSX? I used to go to Hayashi's guy but he closed up when I went there a few months back. Was just time to replace the one I have as its starting to have malfunctioning gremlins.
Errr that would be Orange County, Souther California btw...just in case there are other Orange Counties across the US. :tongue:
Go to the GOOD GUYS in Laguna hills and ask for Lance to do it...He did my stereo and fixed my alarm (that someone else F*cked up installing it) He really knows his sh*T!!!
Woot 2 places to visit. Thanks guys (or gals). Anyone else have their 2 cents? :rolleyes:
Hey Tan which model Matrix 2 did you get? the one with the LCD?
Yes it has the LCD screen and a little antannae and a belt clip so you wear it like a cell phone. It looks like the world's smallest cell phone. The cell phone is small not what it's dangling next too when I have it cliped to my waist. :biggrin:

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Wow seems like a good deal gonna check with Autobacs. Good guys had that system but wanted $600 bucks. :eek: