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Car doesn't start without battery booster

30 January 2022

The car has not been used for a while and the battery, i thought was showing signs of age. The car will only start with a battery booster.

I purchased a new battery for the car and i still have the same issue, the car will not start unless a battery booster is connected.

The battery is brand new off the shop floor, who knows how long it has sat but the battery status is showing as green, it could even be a faulty battery.

The battery is a Calcium 60amp 550 CCA. What is the recommended specs for the NSX? When looking it up, i saw articles saying 60amp and 500 cca upwards and why i chose this battery without being too big.

I have connected a battery Tender Jr to the battery overnight and will try again in the morning but i think these don't actually charge a battery as such?

Does anyone have any ideas why the car might not start without a battery booster connected?

The car just clicks and the lights on the dash flash, without the battery booster connected.

I've removed and cleaned the ground behind the battery, the one connected to the gearbox and the other one connected to the front cam cover.

Thanks :)
Sounds like you could have an issue with resistance, and the battery alone doesn't have enough juice to crank the motor over but when you connect the booster, it overcomes the issue and cranks.

Check the following:
Condition of battery connections at the battery
Condition of battery cables
Security of chassis and battery grounds
if you have a multimeter, check the resistance of the engine block to the chassis ground - a high resistance indicates a faulty ground
+1 on the battery cable condition. Try getting a battery terminal cleaner and clean the terminals. You may have some surface corrosion on the terminals. I put the terminal brush on my drill and ran that into the terminals...problem solved.

Rich Wong