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Car Enthusiast in Redmond, WA

20 January 2014
Hi All,

I just quickly wanted to check if anybody would be interested in applying for a Car Enthusiast in Redmond, WA area. Below is the Job Description:

Title: STE-1 (Car Enthusiast)
Location: Redmond, WA
Duration: 12 Months

Top Skills:

1.MS Office
2. Web browsers

• Applicant must possess a great deal of knowledge about cars and know how to quickly and accurately gather more.
• This means being an expert fact finder with web search engines, books, magazines, brochures, word-of-mouth and any other means that gets the job done.
• Must be comfortable using computers and proficient with MS Excel.
• The ideal candidate will be highly detail-oriented, a strong problem-solver, a quick learner, organized, efficient and last but not least, able to admit not knowing the answer until it is truly found

Interested candidates can send their resume to [email protected]