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  1. 1

    na1 front clip repair

    Where can I find the bulkheads if I were to jump into this I'm sure it would be the same situations as this build via link https://www.nsxprime.com/threads/rebuilding-an-1991-acura-nsx.211726/
  2. Heineken

    Radio Head Unit (EU 1992) Repair and Capacitor Replacement

    A German radio from a 1992 NSX arrived in the worst possible state - it wasn't turning on. So far only half of the radios in this state could be saved since the acid damage can be quite severe and there aren't replacements for all of the parts in the radio. If proprietary chips are affected it's...
  3. 1

    1991 roof repair

    I'm New to the nsx gonna build one from a shell found a shell only problem is the roof needs to be replaced as its damaged but there's another spare roof from another car I hope it's as straight forward as tig welding it up with a aluminum filler rod and grinding down and leveling and blending...
  4. Z

    nsx wheel bearings

    it has come to this after a few days of searching, reading and videos. i damaged the rear right hub while trying to remove my bearing (still seized on the knuckle). in doing so i notice my ball joints are bad on both rear ends. i read that steve ghent out of California does them but i cant find...
  5. M

    Parking Brake Problem and lots of red lights came on!

    I have a 2017 NSX I bought with about 5000 miles on it. It has been running fine but when I went to the garage this morning and tried to start it, it wouldn’t start, and several error messages popped up, one after the other: First the TPMS light came on, then the “Brake Problem” light, and...
  6. N-Wing

    Bumper Damage: Repair or Replace?

    The below video shows my front upper bumper which is damaged in two places. The question is, do I repair or replace? I'm leaning toward repair to retain the VIN tagged part (my bottom doesn't seem to have one) but I don't want any issues. My plan for the winter is to repair or replaces this...
  7. N-Wing

    Seeking CT local Titanium Exhaust Repair

    I'm on year two seeking to repair my ARC Titanium. I would simply replace it but love the sound so I'm trying to repair and change the tips. Know of anyone? It appears to have 60mm tubing and it will need some material to complete. Joe has seen it at Vince's Autobody but it's not their...
  8. KrayziE RussiaN

    1993 Service Manual & 1994 Service Manual Supplement (never opened)

    I have a 1993 Service Manual in great condition and a 1994 Service Manual Supplement (still wrapped never opened) $125 for both shipped (paypal fee extra or send as gift). Please ask any/all questions prior to purchasing! Thanks! Please call/text 512-766-4592 or email [email protected]
  9. S

    Car Enthusiast in Redmond, WA

    Hi All, I just quickly wanted to check if anybody would be interested in applying for a Car Enthusiast in Redmond, WA area. Below is the Job Description: Title: STE-1 (Car Enthusiast) Location: Redmond, WA Duration: 12 Months Top Skills: 1.MS Office 2. Web browsers Description: •...
  10. M

    Anyone know where i can get my climate control repaired?

    Anyone know where i can send my climate control to get it repaired? it only goes off on full blast, and i don't believe the a/c is working either i saw a bunch of ads up on ebay, trust worthy?
  11. L

    Nsx FS nearby, realistically how much am I going to pay in the end? JH4NA1150NT000653

    The vin for this car is JH4NA1150NT000653. It has 100,000 miles. it has a salvage title, but it must have a rebuilt title, because its plated. Its a 92 so i realize i'll have to check the transmission to see if it could have the snap ring failure. I'd imagine if it did it would have torn that...
  12. A

    Repairing front driver side fender

    A big Chevy Tahoe backed into my NSX on SAT night in the valet line. I have some light damage on my front driver side fender. The fender is crushed forming a large dent (about 3 inches of displacement at the deepest point in the crushed area). The fender is slightly pushed into the front...
  13. R

    Need help!! Just baught an nsx from FL with a rebuilt title w/ 57k miles on it

    I baught a rebuilt title nsx from a dealership in FL with 57k miles. I live in NY. Car had an accident and was repaired to rebuilt title status. It was registered in FL twice after before I purchased it. In the history it declares Salvage title. I am trying to register the vehicle in NY. At the...