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car transporter?

1 July 2008
Hey guys i thought it would be beneficial if people tell about their experences with car transporting companies. This information would be especially useful for those buying cars and wanting them transported.

what are your experiences with car transporters?

Who do you recommend who do you not recommend and why?

Also what is the approx. cost to transport a car? I know it depends on how far and if its open or closed transport.

ALso how long in advance do you need to ask them to transport a vehicle?

You could have used the search & found all this out for yourself, as could anyone else since it has come up 87 times before. Use "transporter", "car hauler", & "shipping" as terms in new owners & owners forums. Prices outside of a few months old are irrelevant since diesel has gone up so much that fuel surcharges are probably through the roof by now.
I used DeMoise a few months ago when I purchases my 2005 and had it shipped from NJ to NV.

They were recommended to me from another forum member (OSUgrad97)
They did nothing to disappoint.

Covered carrier, reasonable price, good communication, on time, car not damaged.

I think you would be happy with them.

My 2 cents :tongue:

Couple of threads on this in the past....






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Id like to add I went against my own advice (typically using DeMoise) and used InterCity for my last transport. WORST EXPERIENCE ever. Car did arrive in the same condition it left in but thats where the positives end.

The owner of the company lied to me on several occasions and also lied to the BBB.

I can NOT recommend InterCity.
From what origin to what destination?
They all suck. Had two cars transported via different transporters and both cars where damaged. One arrived ok but the driver decided to wipe the car clean with a dry cloth after it was all dusty from a month voyage, bad idea. The other had a cracked windshield and dented roof. Some thing fell on it i guess. My advice would be to get one of those uber expensive climate controlled shipping companies that ship one or two cars at a time, unless you are shipping a car you don't mind getting dinged up. 90% of transporters are brokers and use random drivers to ship the cars so they don't really know who is driving the truck and how they work.
They all suck.

Brokers, that is. Do NOT use one under any circumstance. Always go with a company that has its own trucks/drivers and insist your car never leaves the truck (to be transfered) along the way.
It's best to use a private driver. I had used several companies for cars and bikes, and it was a horrible experience. Never on time as they promised and always had something wrong with the vehicles.
I found a private driver and have used him on my last four shipping and he was great. On time and very meticulous!
I used www.intercitylines.com

They are fully insured, extremely professional, and were very competitive price wise. They shipped my GT3 from Tulsa to Detroit in a day in a half and I was very happy with their service.

I'd use them again in a heartbeat. I looked into several, and made by choice based on referal from a friend, and was very happy.
I'm using High End Transport (www.gohet.com) at the moment to ship my 02 Imola from Salt Lake City to Miramar, Florida (export to Dubai). They are listed in the DuPont Registry and come recommended...

We had some scheduling issues but in all seem to be a professional company with their own trucks. I'll be posting pictures of the process tomorrow.

If you want contact Melissa Carbonell at www.gohet.com and she can help you out.:smile:

Melissa was telling me that they have a Lamborghini of any make being transported daily (statistically) and last week exported 1 Bugatti Veyron and 1 Lamborghini Revention to Russia.

All in all I do like this company and we'll see how the car ends up once in Florida...