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Carbon Frt Bumper Mounts

26 January 2001
San Diego, CA
During the process of making new front and rear bumper beams, we made a pair of prepreg front bumper mounts. These are load bearing parts but it is 4.5X lighter at .36lbs each vs 1.63 lbs OEM. Intro GB price at $450 shipped US 48. ETA 4-6 weeks and you use the same OEM hardware.

The rear bumper beams are WIP at about 4.5lbs vs 15lbs in OEM alum version, we are making 5 and 2 are already spoken for. Frt bumper beam is ~4lbs and 25lbs in OEM. This make a big difference when you drive.

This upgrade is physics 101 as Reducing weight at the far end of the car improves the Polar Moment cuz its far away from the CG thus makes the car turns quicker with less mass to move at any speed. When all the carbon frt bumper cover(91-97 only) /frt mounting brackets/both beams, you are looking at saving 50lbs+ !!!! It is totally reversible back to OEM as well. Those who has our carbon bumpers said they have to "re-learn/be careful" how the car behaves when it turns. This is not a bling part but an upgrade that you will feel it all the time but too bad everything is covered up with nothing to show off.

We are making a new front bumper cover in prepreg est. less than 10lbs. which is much lighter than the oem at a porky 27lbs.


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