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CarPC for NSX - Centrafuse, AEM, XM Radio, Navi, WinXP

13 March 2006
Atlantic City
I'm selling the CarPC I bought from another Prime user (see: http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=113994). I'm not using this system anywhere near what it was designed for or capable of, especially since I ended up going FIC instead of using a full AEM standalone, so I'm returning to a normal CD player/head unit set up. I'd like to get $1350 shipped for the whole set up.

I'm copying in some relevent info from the original for sale thread:

This is a Intel 1.2GHz system, running Windows XP, with a Centrafuse v1.6 front end.

Hardware included is:
-CarPC in slim enclosure, suitable for surface mounting
-8.5" VGA touchscreen, installed in an OEM Honda Navpod
-XM Radio Universal Module
-XM Radio USB controller
-USB GPS antenna for navigation
-Video to USB converter for video recording (reverse camera, or 'in car footage')

Also included is a wiring harness, which is plug and play to the nsx, and powers the entire carpc and moniter from the OEM stereo plug - no cutting is necessary, the harness is several feet long, and can be used to mount the computer behind the passenger seat, and still connect to the console stereo plug. I mounted the XM module in the console, the CarPC behind the passenger seat, and the touchscreen in an OEM navpod. All controls are via the navpod. Note: the navpod is missing one of the plastic plugs on the top/back of the pod.

This system is perfect for cars with a stand alone AEM EMS, as the CarPC has a serial port, and AEM Pro can be launched from the centrafuse interface, for displaying virtual dash, changing tunes, or running AEM log.

Centrafuse also allows a high level of control over Mp3 music, which is loaded on a thumbdrive, and inserted into a USB port on the CarPC - it's similar to ipod integration in other systems, you can sort by bands, albums, etc., randomize, etc.

The computer is based on an Intel D201GLY2A 'little valley' mini-ITX motherboard, with 1GB of DDR2 memory, and a 30GB 2.5" laptop hard drive. The system has a M2 CarPC powersupply, which turns on a few seconds after the car is powered on, to prevent the amps from 'popping'. The included wiring harness also allows the system to automatically activate the nsx's built-in speaker amplifiers, and audio is transmitted from the CarPC to the nsx's speakers - this is a drop in installation for the nsx, no guess work.

The system runs WinXP SP3, and is setup to launch straight into Centrafuse - Centrafuse is a $250 program designed for carPC's, to allow easier touch screen use of navigation, radio controls, and external applications, such as AEM. It has a virtual keyboard, controlled via the touchscreen, and has destinator navigation, with North American maps installed, for voice guided turn by turn navi, points of interest, etc. - the included GPS antenna is powered by USB. XM radio works via the touch screen, and, as this is a carPC, it can be configured to do pretty much anything. My main 3 goals were navigation, XM radio, and AEM control (AEM Pro and AEM log), this is what is currently configured.

Price is firm, I am not interested in parting the system, looking to sell as a package. Let me know if you have any questions, it should install into an nsx in less than an hour, you can also choose to leave your OEM deck in place, and pipe the audio from the CarPC preouts to an aux in controller, to maintain an OEM-like appearance. This is physically the largest screen that will fit in the OEM navpod, it looks great in the car.

Pics from previous owner's car:





I'm looking for $1350 shipped. PM me or email me at crazyfastwrx at yahoo . com