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Interior FS: Install Kit for 7" Carpuride in JDM NSX Navpod. Frame & PnP power adapter

7 May 2018
San Jose
You are purchasing the FRAME and plug and play adapter ONLY which will allow you to friction mount a variety of 7" Carpuride touchscreen units into the JDM Navpod for your 91-05 Acura NSX. It will plug directly into your clock connector allowing for a very clean and OE looking installation. The Carpuride allows you to have Carplay or Android Auto as well as back up camera.

The other pictures are to show you my custom install. Please do your own research on the Carpuride unit.

To install, first remove the top, bottom, and side felt tape from the Navpod. Insert the frame into the Navpod and then carefully insert the unit into the frame. For a permanent installation, you can use a few drops of super glue but it's not necessary. Plug in the gray connector to the clock plug then plug the power supply into the Carpuride.

Again, you are purchasing the FRAME and power adapter ONLY for a CUSTOM installation. You need minimal DIY skills to be successful and you will need to buy the Navpod and SOS mounting bracket to complete the installation. Part #s below

$100 shipped in US. PM if interested

***NAVPOD, SOS mounting bracket AND Carpuride UNIT NOT INCLUDED***

Feel free to reach out to discuss the unit you're considering. Send me a link and I can gauge if it will fit in the NAVPOD correctly.

Youtube Review

Carpuride 701 Pro

SOS bracket

Navpod with writing 77610-SL0-N51ZA

Navpod w/o writing 77610-SL0-N55ZA

Screw Cover 77611-SL0-N51ZA

Screw Cover 77612-SL0-N51ZA

Low profile air Duct 77410-SL0-N50

Step 4.6.jpg

Step 1.0.jpg

Step 2.0.jpg
Step 3.0.jpgStep 4.0.jpg

Step 4.1.jpg

Step 4.2.jpg
Step 4.3.jpg
Step 4.4.jpg
Step 4.5.jpg
Screenshot 2024-02-17 162632.jpg
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