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Cars and Coffee in May

23 July 2007
Is any NSX planning to go to Cars and Coffee this May weekend? Has anyone been lately? What is the traffic and arrival time story? Thanks.
What city? Houston? I know a couple of us will be going to the Supercar Saturday this weekend 9-11 am. Then grabbing food after and meeting up with a few more.
Do you have a link to Supercar Sat?

I use http://www.houston-streets.com to see what is going on. Their calendar feature is pretty good. The one for Supercar Saturday is http://houston-streets.com/event/supercar-saturday-10/?instance_id=4112

Did you see the FB invite via NSXoTX? 9 going and 10 maybe so far. https://www.facebook.com/events/283327501998261/ The weather looks to be nice so I bet it will be a great turnout. FYI when the weather is nice you need to be on time to grab a spot in the show lot. If you don't care to show your car then park on side street and walk over whenever.
This meet attracts real exotics so its usually pretty good.
I've been to the one in Dallas a few times, maybe once this year. The atmosphere of alot of the other exotic car owners is somewhat offputting. Probably 9 of us went late last year, but it's usually onesies or twosies at most. Having to get up at 6am just to get in is kind of early.