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Cars and Coffee...

I will be out at this upcoming 8/7/10 Coffee & Cars as well. I should be getting my rims back on my NSX from the shop tomorrow and then I'll be good to go.

Want to get a few parking slots reserved to park as a NSX group or what?
I am hoping to make it out early at least.

There isn't a sign up sheet, but you can post your numbers on here for other to get in contact with you. I am not bringing my NSX as I am bringing 2 others with me. But get there early so you get a good parking spot.

What time is everyone getting there?
I was there at 830 i had to leave there was no parking spots. they had alot more cones posted up this time. Saw some nsx spread-ed out every where. saw one silver nsx he had ran over this cone lol i thought about doing the same but didnt want to sit with the car the whole time. Ive never seen it that pack.
...Was a blast! Tons of cars and friendly people. Dont think I've ever seen the entire Uptown Park full like that.
Great to meet everyone...Kevin, Nick,Bui (sp?), and Roger. Hope to come to more events.
I had no idea it'd be so packed - got there at 8:20 and had to park across the street. Great to see all you guys again (Roger, Nick, and Kevin for breakfast) and show off my own new acquisition!

Also, why were all those cones blocking spots?
I fear the events are going to get cancelled. There is a lot of animosity with the tenants in the shopping center (the cones have been a stopgap effort to reduce the bickering from the shop owners who are crying that it is hurting their business). The masive showboating on the exit will be the final nail in the coffin.