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CD Changer skipping for no reason... even after adjustment

24 July 2000
My cd changer will not play any CD old or new, burned or retail, for more than 30 seconds without skipping... I can be sitting still at a red light, and the music will just cut out for no reason. The changer is mounted horizontally and I checked the springs, and they're in the horizontal position.

Am I going to have to replace the CD changer??
I agree. Pull it out and disassemble (if necessary) to get to the lens and then use some air to dust it. I used to have a similar problem with my laser disc player (no, not in my NSX...ha-ha) and that was all it took.
FAQ Nazi, The springs are in the horizontal position already...marked "H" for horizontal. (perpendicular to the way it's mounted - the springs are pointing straight up and down)

I'm going to clean the lens to see if this is the culprit